At the Foot of the Bed
A grandfather and granddaughter explore a silence in their family history.
By Max-Lena Vanden Eynde (2022)
Heralds of Rain
An elderly couple tumble into a dialogue with the frogs in their pond.
By Ruben Nachtergaele and Eva De Groote (2021)
A daughter looks back on a complicated relationship with her mother.
By Joyce de Badts and Wederik de Backer for Plantrekkers (2018)
Everyday Something Disappears
What remains when we start to disappear?
Produced by Luc Haekens and Edwin Brys for VRT (1993)
Stairway to Heaven, In Boxer Shorts
A tender goodnight when the morning is uncertain.
Produced by Eva Moeraert for Korte Golf Radio Prize (2016)
The search for connection on a telephone helpline.
Produced by Matthias Hellemans for VRT (August 2014)
An interview with a writer called Writer veers into dangerous territory.
Produced by Katharina Smets for VPRO (20th February 2015)