The Boy at the Bottom of the Sea
A vision from beneath the waves
By Caroline Sascha Cogez (2021)
The Antenna Man
Radio as a lifeline, a trembling nerve, to the rest of the world.
By Christina B. Kjeldsen (2020)
A Late Blooming
Love and deliverance.
By Nanna Hauge Kristensen for Radio24syv (2019)
When You’re Sleeping, I’m Awake
A dreamlike tumble into insomnia.
By Suvi Tuuli Kataja for Nordic Shortdox (2019)
The Night Watchman
A night watchman walks alone through an Anatomic Institute.
By Stephen Schwartz for DR (1971)
A Kiss Refused
The story of an interview.
By Christian Stentoft for DR (1984)
After The Celebration
A narrative based on a true story.
By Lisbeth Jessen for DR (2002)
Two Lines
A short look at waiting.
By Mie Tast for Shortdox (2019)
The Woman on the Ice
A young woman walks out onto the ice, under a full moon, and disappears.
Produced by Rikke Houd for Third Ear (11th March 2014)
When We Got To Know Grief
One man reflects on his experience of grief in the 1980s.
By Karen Mørk for Short Dox (2018)