During the Drought the Road is Dry
Language shifts over time and context in this exploration of dryness and heat.
By Bartosz Panek for Constellations (2020)
A daughter writes an audio letter to her father as she unfurls a story of his life.
By Amelia Umuhire for Deutschlandfunk Kultur (2018)
The Upside Down
Echoes of a rebellion in a mine falling back to nature.
By Gianluca Stazi and Giuseppe Casu for Radio3 Rai (2018)
Exploring the instruction manual for relationship building.
Produced by Alessia Rapone for HearSay Prize (2016)
I Am Analog
Jonathan Zenti embarks on a quest to recover a loved possession, which has gone astray.
Produced by Jonathan Zenti for HearSay International Audio Festival (November 2015)