The True Crime of Your Frozen Death
A homage to the Giallo film genre, set within the True Crime podcasting scene
By Ross Sutherland for Imaginary Advice (2022)
Iolanda They Call Me By My Name
A poet folds time, capturing her life in audio recordings.
By Giorgia Cadeddu and Vittoria Soddu for STUDIOLANDA (2021)
During the Drought the Road is Dry
Language shifts over time and context in this exploration of dryness and heat.
By Bartosz Panek for Constellations (2020)
A daughter writes an audio letter to her father as she unfurls a story of his life.
By Amelia Umuhire for Deutschlandfunk Kultur (2018)
The Upside Down
Echoes of a rebellion in a mine falling back to nature.
By Gianluca Stazi and Giuseppe Casu for Radio3 Rai (2018)
Exploring the instruction manual for relationship building.
Produced by Alessia Rapone for HearSay Prize (2016)
I Am Analog
Jonathan Zenti embarks on a quest to recover a loved possession, which has gone astray.
Produced by Jonathan Zenti for HearSay International Audio Festival (November 2015)