At the Foot of the Bed
A grandfather and granddaughter explore a silence in their family history.
By Max-Lena Vanden Eynde (2022)

Max-Lena Vanden Eynde’s grandfather grew up in a family of fifteen children. In 1940, the two eldest sons – Pol and Louis – were called up as reserve recruits. Only one of the two brothers returned home after the war. Any clue to Louis is lost. Together with the third son – her grandfather – Max-Lena goes looking for him. Since his disappearance, the family has been silent. His name is not spoken, nor the grief surrounding it.

Featured at IFC AudioDocs 2022

Max-Lena Vanden Eynde: researcher, interviewer, editor
Brecht Mertens: music composer
Wederik De Backer: editor-in-chief
Simon Kremar: mixer
Pieter Serrien and Geert Lecompte: historical researchers

Max-Lena Vanden Eynde is a radio documentary maker. She works as a maker and editor-in-chief for the production house The Podcast Planet. You can follow her work on her personal Instagram as well as The Podcast Planet.