When You’re Sleeping, I’m Awake
A dreamlike tumble into insomnia.
By Suvi Tuuli Kataja for Nordic Shortdox (2019)
The Brown Parcel
A father gives his daughter a mysterious inheritance.
By Kari Hesthamar for NRK (2003)
The Last Act
An operatic love story in its final act.
Produced by Sindre Leganger for NRK (16th October 2016)
My Share of the Sky
An Iranian journalist, forced to flee the country, captures her search for a sense of home in Norway.
Produced by Sheida Jahanbin and Rikke Houd for NRK (2011)
From the Mouths of Babes and Drunkards
A documentary-fairytale set at Christmas.
Produced by Kristin Heien for NRK P2 Radio Documentary (20th December 2015)
Still Glowing Strong
A tender documentary about love, invention and a light that hasn't gone out.
Produced by Sindre Leganger for NRK (26th April 2014)