At the Foot of the Bed
A grandfather and granddaughter explore a silence in their family history.
By Max-Lena Vanden Eynde (2022)
The True Crime of Your Frozen Death
A homage to the Giallo film genre, set within the True Crime podcasting scene
By Ross Sutherland for Imaginary Advice (2022)
The Voice of Jackal
An audio feature for the animal world
By Saška Rakef, Tina Kozin, Bojana Šaljić Podešva, Matjaž Miklič and Pia Brezavšcek (2021)
The Boy at the Bottom of the Sea
A vision from beneath the waves
By Caroline Sascha Cogez (2021)
Heralds of Rain
An elderly couple tumble into a dialogue with the frogs in their pond.
By Ruben Nachtergaele and Eva De Groote (2021)
I Remember His Look
Two lives intersect at a country's edge.
By Sigita Vegytė for LRT (2021)
The Antenna Man
Radio as a lifeline, a trembling nerve, to the rest of the world.
By Christina B. Kjeldsen (2020)
A Walk Through My Cũcũ’s Farm
A musical evocation of landscape, language and tender attention to the ground beneath your feet.
By Nyokabi Kariũki (2021)
Iolanda They Call Me By My Name
A poet folds time, capturing her life in audio recordings.
By Giorgia Cadeddu and Vittoria Soddu for STUDIOLANDA (2021)
Between Four Walls
A story of home
By Heloiza Barbosa for Faxina (2021)
Fly or Die
A story flies away from the truth.
By Marta Medvešek (2020)
A Late Blooming
Love and deliverance.
By Nanna Hauge Kristensen for Radio24syv (2019)
Stew with Za’atar
On memory and forgetting
By Elena Dikomitis (2021)
The Piano
The sound of a mysterious piano echoes in the silence of the night.
By Sofia Saldanha for Centro de Dramaturgia e Argumento (CeDA) and Antena 2 (2021)
My Namesake is the King of Italodisco
Fredrik Ramel realises he's not the only Fredrik Ramel out there.
By Fredrik Ramel (2019)
Echoes Of Our Confinement
A sonic reflection on a moment of uncertainty.
By Las Raras (2020)
During the Drought the Road is Dry
Language shifts over time and context in this exploration of dryness and heat.
By Bartosz Panek for Constellations (2020)
Sighs and desires.
By Laura Canabrava (2020)
When You’re Sleeping, I’m Awake
A dreamlike tumble into insomnia.
By Suvi Tuuli Kataja for Nordic Shortdox (2019)
A daughter writes an audio letter to her father as she unfurls a story of his life.
By Amelia Umuhire for Deutschlandfunk Kultur (2018)