My Dad, the Supernova
An astronomer's daughter ventures into his past - exploring the universe inside his head as his words and memories begin to leave him.
Produced by Maartje Duin for VPRO (22nd October 2015)

Maartje Duin‘s father has Alzheimer’s disease. As his memories fade, she is left with questions about his work as an astronomer in the 1970s. Together, they visit his old workplace, the Leiden Observatory.

Maartje Duin (1975) is an independent journalist and radio producer whose work is characterised by her personal tone of voice. She started out in public radio as a regular contributor to the VPRO series 1Minuut/OneMinute (Prix Europa 2008) and 1Minuutje/One Minute Small (Prix Europa 2012). She also curates listening events in the Netherlands and abroad.

My Dad, the Supernova was produced for a listening event about memory by Grenzeloos Geluid (NL) and In The Dark (BE), with support from the Dutch Cultural Media Fund & Flemish-Dutch House deBuren. It was broadcast by Woord (VPRO) on Dutch public radio on October 22, 2015.