On Top
An audio meditation on falling.
Produced by Maria Dønvang for HearSay Prize (2017)
Stairway to Heaven, In Boxer Shorts
A tender goodnight when the morning is uncertain.
Produced by Eva Moeraert for Korte Golf Radio Prize (2016)
Blindfold Yourself
An impressionistic documentary about strangers meeting in darkness.
Produced by Jiri Slavicinsky for Czech Radio (February 2017)
And The Sign Says…
The official language of signs is reworked in a new form.
Produced by Vladimir Kryuchev for oontz.ru (2017)
The Creator of Fear
You are drawn into the dream world of a young woman.
Produced by Ole Fugl Hørkilde for HearSay Prize (2017)
Exploring the instruction manual for relationship building.
Produced by Alessia Rapone for HearSay Prize (2016)
Cassettes from Exile
A box of cassettes opens up a window on Dennis Maxwell's childhood.
Produced by Dennis Maxwell for Radio Ambulante (7th February 2017)
Junkies in the Country
An immersive look at the lives of drug addicts and the people employed to help treat them, arrest them and monitor them.
Produced by Mehdi Ahoudig for ARTE Radio (2014)
Requiem from a Cemetery
Bengt Bok delves into his past - weaving a poignant narrative out of the voices of the dead.
Produced by Bengt Bok for Sveriges Radio (2016)
Charo and the Qualia
A forgotten moment recaptured in a dance between mother tongue and translation.
Produced by Charo Calvo for ABC Soundproof (30th September 2016)