Zahava and the Qualia
A forgotten moment recaptured in a dance between mother tongue and translation.
Produced by Charo Calvo for ABC Soundproof (30th September 2016)
Summer Rain
Motherly love, loss and falling.
Produced by Nanna Hauge Kristensen for Danish Radio (2017)
An unflinching portrait of trauma caught in the body.
Produced by Bengt Bok for Sveriges Radio (2011)
My Share of the Sky
An Iranian journalist, forced to flee the country, captures her search for a sense of home in Norway.
Produced by Sheida Jahanbin and Rikke Houd for NRK (2011)
To Linda
A delicate exploration of love, grief and prejudice.
Produced by Linda Mortansdóttir for Kringvarp Føroya (10th October 2015)
Mum Here
A montage of mothers trying to reach their children.
Produced by Mathilde Guermonprez for ARTE Radio (2015)
From the Mouths of Babes and Drunkards
A documentary-fairytale set at Christmas.
Produced by Kristin Heien for NRK P2 Radio Documentary (20th December 2015)
Who Killed Lolita?
Whispers, rumours and anxieties weave together to form the negative space around the body of Lolita and her two children.
Produced by Anouk Batard & Mehdi Ahoudig for ARTE Radio & Radio Grenouille (2009)
The Grand Plan
A conversation about gender, loneliness, attraction, sex and ageing.
Produced by Brit Jensen for Czech Radio (February 2016)
The Double
On a dark night, in a small Danish town, Thomas Andersen has a violent encounter with his double.
Produced by Thomas Arent Andersen for Third Ear x Politiken (9th November 2015)