If I Could Choose
Lingering in a dream, as a new day dawns.
By Kato Vanackere (2020)

A woman in her thirties struggles to get out of bed, to face herself in the mirror, and to muster the will to head to work. She’d much rather turn back and go for a swim.

“Nu Dan”  is a concept album by Kate Vanackere, consisting of four tracks that offer a glimpse into the confined world of someone grappling with a quarter-life crisis.

The album was recorded in Kato’s bedroom during the 2020 pandemic lockdown, with invaluable remote assistance from Inne Eysermans.

Kato Vanackere creates audio, music, and theater. She studied Woordkunst at the royal conservatoire in Antwerp, and has been doing pretty fine recording birds in her spare time. In her work she sings about loneliness, farewells, moving forward, the sea and the city.