Two Lines
A short look at waiting.
By Mie Tast for Shortdox (2019)
The Woman on the Ice
A young woman walks out onto the ice, under a full moon, and disappears.
Produced by Rikke Houd for Third Ear (11th March 2014)
When We Got To Know Grief
One man reflects on his experience of grief in the 1980s.
By Karen Mørk for Short Dox (2018)
On Top
An audio meditation on falling.
Produced by Maria Dønvang for HearSay Prize (2017)
The Creator of Fear
You are drawn into the dream world of a young woman.
Produced by Ole Fugl Hørkilde for HearSay Prize (2017)
Summer Rain
Motherly love, loss and falling.
Produced by Nanna Hauge Kristensen for Danish Radio (2017)
The Double
On a dark night, in a small Danish town, Thomas Andersen has a violent encounter with his double.
Produced by Thomas Arent Andersen for Third Ear x Politiken (9th November 2015)
In a Relationship With
A documentary love story with more drama than a Hollywood romance.
Produced by Krister Moltzen for Third Ear (19th December 2013)
A late night encounter between two strangers.
Produced by Louise Tjaerandsen for HearSay International Audio Festival (November 2015)
The Pep Talk
The former Danish professional football player, Bo Henriksen, gives his team a testosterone-heavy pre-match speech
Produced by Ole Fugl Hørkilde and Kim G. Hansen for Radio24syv (14th September 2013)