A Kiss Refused
The story of an interview.
By Christian Stentoft for DR (1984)

“The story is about a doctor who was the main person in one of my features a few years ago – and about the price he came to pay for his participation, a price he had nothing against paying, but – as he asks – where am I in all this. We got so close to one another during the recording session, he feels, but I ‘wasn’t really present’.” – Christian Stentoft, 1984

An exploration of the dynamic between interviewer and interviewee – when you ask someone to reveal themselves to you in an interview to what extent should you reveal your own soul? Are you a human being or a tape recorder?

Sound engineer: Torben Brandt

Made in collaboration with DR – you can listen to A Kiss Refused (Afslag på et kys) and more montages on their archive website.