Still Glowing Strong
A tender documentary about love, invention and a light that hasn't gone out.
Produced by Sindre Leganger for NRK (26th April 2014)

The story of 87 year old Harald Brobakken – a man who believes that he has invented an everlasting battery. From the light of the stars overhead, to the constant mysterious glow of a bulb in Harald’s apartment, Sindre Leganger’s documentary explores ideas of invention, love and imagination with extraordinary tenderness.

Still Glowing Strong received a Special Commendation at the Prix Europa in 2014. It was edited by Erki Halvorsen and coached by Kari Hesthamar.

In the first of a series of collaborations with the journal RadioDoc Review we’re featuring one of their articles on Still Glowing Strong, written by the radio producer Anna Elisabeth (Lisbeth) Jessen.

Still Glowing Strong · RadioDoc Review