Still Glowing Strong
A tender documentary about love, invention and a light that hasn't gone out.
Produced by Sindre Leganger for NRK (26th April 2014)

The story of 87 year old Harald Brobakken – a man who believes that he has invented an everlasting battery. From the light of the stars overhead, to the constant mysterious glow of a bulb in Harald’s apartment, Sindre Leganger’s documentary explores ideas of invention, love and imagination with extraordinary tenderness.

Sindre Leganger (b. 1987) is an independent producer from Norway. He makes documentaries both for national and international audiences, such as ‘The Last Act‘ (NRK, 2016) and ‘Wood Fighting With Steel‘ (Love + Radio, 2016).

Still Glowing Strong received a Special Commendation at the Prix Europa in 2014. It was edited by Erki Halvorsen and coached by Kari Hesthamar.

In the first of a series of collaborations with the journal RadioDoc Review we’re featuring one of their articles on Still Glowing Strong, written by the radio producer Anna Elisabeth (Lisbeth) Jessen.

Still Glowing Strong · RadioDoc Review