Between Four Walls
A story of home
By Heloiza Barbosa for Faxina (2021)

The story of a Brazilian woman who borrowed money from a ‘coiote’ to flee Brazil, leaving behind her two-year-old son, and crossed the border between Mexico and the USA on foot to escape death at the hands of her husband. Domestic violence against women in Brazil is a migration factor more common than we imagine.

‘Between Four Walls’ won the Best Documentary: Non-English Language award at the 2021 Third Coast International Audio Festival.

This episode was produced by Heloiza Barbosa, Paulo Pinheiro, Diogo Saraiva, Valquiria Gouvea and Adam Gamwell

The art-illustration is by Carli Ayô

Faxina’s theme song was composed by Anaís Azul

The episode’s original music is by Diogo Saraiva and Paulo Pinheiro.

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