Blank Maps: A Voice from Utopia
The search for utopia through three imagined new countries.
By Tala Elissa for Blank Maps (22nd May 2017)

“We have life in our imaginations…”

Exploring three alternative visions, ‘A Voice from Utopia’ attempts to deconstruct the concept of the nation state. From virtual communities like Bitnation to micronations like Liberland.

It comes from Blank Maps – an Arabic podcast that seeks to address the problem of statelessness in the Arab world. By doing that, the show tries to understand concepts of belonging and citizenship at a time where immigration and refuge are most relevant.

Tala Elissa is a writer and podcast producer from Jordan. Her work can be found at www.talaelissa.com

Blank Maps was produced for the podcast network Sowt. You can learn more about Sowt here.