Blindfold Yourself
An impressionistic documentary about strangers meeting in darkness.
Produced by Jiří Slavičínský for Czech Radio (February 2017)

What can happen if two complete strangers meet for the first time, in complete darkness? Having to form their first impression not through their sight, but through sound and touch?

Blindfold Yourself was shortlisted for the 2017 HearSay Festival ‘Celebrate’ GanBéarla Award.

It was recorded in November 2016, at the Hug workshop/performance, organized by British composer Verity Standen and the Prague association Voicescope.

Jiří Slavičínský is a radio documentary-maker based in Prague, working for Czech Radio. Besides the Czech Republic, his documentaries have been broadcast in Canada, Ireland, Slovakia and the US. He is currently editing field recordings from Mongolian steppe for his next feature.