Can He Have a Dog?
A woman tries to meet someone.
By Lotta Erikson for Sveriges Radio (1996)

Recorded in the pre-internet dating days, Lotta Erikson searches for a partner through telephone contact agencies.

Lotta Erikson has been a freelance for the Swedish radio (SR) and Swedish national television (SVT) in various forms since 1992, making around 15 radio documentaries and several TV-documentaries. Her productions have been presented at festivals and have won awards. In recent years she has written scripts for both feature films and TV-series, including the TV series The Hunt for a Killer, for SVT-drama with director Mikael Marcimain. Lotta Erikson has also made several sound art installations, written stage plays, radio dramas and a book about the human voice “The Alphabet of the Voice”.

Translation by Klara Erikson