A Kiss Refused
The story of an interview.
By Christian Stentoft for DR (1984)
After The Celebration
A narrative based on a true story.
By Lisbeth Jessen for DR (2002)
Price of Secrecy
A series about unspoken secrets.
By Zoha Zokaei (2019)
Can He Have a Dog?
A woman tries to meet someone.
By Lotta Erikson for Sveriges Radio (1996)
Man: A Dog’s Best Friend
A power struggle in the domestic space.
By Eva Lammelová for Czech Radio (2018)
What They Don’t Tell You
How (not) to build a home away from home...
By Martina Castro, for the Museum of Migration in Montevideo (2015)
Two Lines
A short look at waiting.
By Mie Tast for Shortdox (2019)
A Salad Spinner’s Song
How do we perceive the world? And how can a family capture precious childhood memories – when the child cannot see?
By Johanna Fricke for HearSay International Audio Arts Festival (2019)
The Box
A box containing treasured keepsakes opens up painful memories of the past.
By Sofia Saldanha for HearSay International Audio Arts Festival (2019)
A daughter looks back on a complicated relationship with her mother.
By Joyce de Badts and Wederik de Backer for Plantrekkers (2018)
Time to Talk
A tender conversation between two sisters.
By Miriam Arndts for HearSay International Audio Arts Festival (2019)
A broken-hearted granddaughter's search for understanding.
By Neena Pathak for HearSay International Audio Arts Festival (2019)
Blank Maps: A Voice from Utopia
The search for utopia through three imagined new countries.
By Tala Elissa for Blank Maps (22nd May 2017)
The Woman on the Ice
A young woman walks out onto the ice, under a full moon, and disappears.
Produced by Rikke Houd for Third Ear (11th March 2014)
The Upside Down
Echoes of a rebellion in a mine falling back to nature.
By Gianluca Stazi and Giuseppe Casu for Radio3 Rai (2018)
When We Got To Know Grief
One man reflects on his experience of grief in the 1980s.
By Karen Mørk for Short Dox (2018)
The Microbus Driver
A feature exploring the life of a microbus driver and the stigma around their role in Egyptian traffic.
By Kanzy Mahmoud for Ehky Ya Masr (2018)
Relationships Series: Hijab Feature
Two Egyptian women reflect on their personal relationship with the hijab.
By Nadeen Shaker for Ehky Ya Masr (2017)
Words from Inside (St Maur Prison)
An exploration of listening and liberty.
By René Farabet for France Culture (1992)
Guest Workers 2.0
A rookie radio reporter on a visit home finds herself lost in translation.
By Marta Medvešek for the Adam Mickiewicz Institute (2018)