Stew with Za’atar
On memory and forgetting
By Elena Dikomitis (2021)
The Piano
The sound of a mysterious piano echoes in the silence of the night.
By Sofia Saldanha for Centro de Dramaturgia e Argumento (CeDA) and Antena 2 (2021)
My Namesake is the King of Italodisco
Fredrik Ramel realises he's not the only Fredrik Ramel out there.
By Fredrik Ramel (2019)
Echoes Of Our Confinement
A sonic reflection on a moment of uncertainty.
By Las Raras (2020)
During the Drought the Road is Dry
Language shifts over time and context in this exploration of dryness and heat.
By Bartosz Panek for Constellations (2020)
Sighs and desires.
By Laura Canabrava (2020)
When You’re Sleeping, I’m Awake
A dreamlike tumble into insomnia.
By Suvi Tuuli Kataja for Nordic Shortdox (2019)
A daughter writes an audio letter to her father as she unfurls a story of his life.
By Amelia Umuhire for Deutschlandfunk Kultur (2018)
Pointing at Canopus
Visit a Tehran that blossoms in language, fable and collective imagination.
By Arif Mirbaghi for Constellations (2020)
When I Touched The Ground
A woman tells the story of her own birth.
By Mrs Kaika Burton and Caddie Brain (2019)
The Night Watchman
A night watchman walks alone through an Anatomic Institute.
By Stephen Schwartz for DR (1971)
A Kiss Refused
The story of an interview.
By Christian Stentoft for DR (1984)
After The Celebration
A narrative based on a true story.
By Lisbeth Jessen for DR (2002)
Price of Secrecy
A series about unspoken secrets.
By Zoha Zokaei (2019)
Can He Have a Dog?
A woman tries to meet someone.
By Lotta Erikson for Sveriges Radio (1996)
Man: A Dog’s Best Friend
A power struggle in the domestic space.
By Eva Lammelová for Czech Radio (2018)
What They Don’t Tell You
How (not) to build a home away from home...
By Martina Castro, for the Museum of Migration in Montevideo (2015)
Two Lines
A short look at waiting.
By Mie Tast for Shortdox (2019)
A Salad Spinner’s Song
How do we perceive the world? And how can a family capture precious childhood memories – when the child cannot see?
By Johanna Fricke for HearSay International Audio Arts Festival (2019)
The Box
A box containing treasured keepsakes opens up painful memories of the past.
By Sofia Saldanha for HearSay International Audio Arts Festival (2019)