Hong Kong Song
A poetic patchwork of voices interweaving childhood memory, music, the fragmented visions of a traveller and a city distilled through statistics.
Produced by Jens Jarisch for Bayerischer Rundfunk (2009)

In the hard-won solitude of Hong Kong’s urban bustle, a young woman stands before a long row of buildings so tall and so wide that the mountains beyond are completely concealed. But in the middle of this block, a huge opening has been left, a square hole eight storeys high and several dwellings wide. The people left this gap here, her father used to tell her, so that the dragon living in the ancient hillside forest could still fly out to sea. Sometimes she still dreams of him.

Produced by Jens Jarisch. Initially broadcast on Bayerischer Rundfunk in 2009.

Original music composed by Phillip Bellinger. Readings by Dorit Blau and Jens Jarisch. This feature won the Grand Prix Marulic in a slightly shortened form in 2009.

You can read an interview with Jens Jarisch about this feature on the Third Coast website.