The Upside Down
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Echoes of a rebellion in a mine falling back to nature.
By Gianluca Stazi and Giuseppe Casu for Radio3 Rai (2018)

Silvestro has worked in the mine since he was 23 years old – he’s the son of a miner, the son of the mine, now he is 67. Manlio, at 40, left teaching to go and work in the mine, but to know himself and this new world, had to take on its most infamous job – the time-keeper. He is now 88.

The paths of these two men, different but parallel, meet in 1992 when they barricade themselves into the San Giovanni mine for months – laying explosives across the opening, preventing its closure and the slow desertification of the territory at that time. Years later, after the mines are closed and the desertification advances, Manlio and Silvestro revisit the ghosts of their past.

Best Radio Documentary at the Prix Italia and Prix Europa 2018.