When You’re Sleeping, I’m Awake
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A dreamlike tumble into insomnia

By Suvi Tuuli Kataja for Nordic Shortdox (2019)

The radio documentary “When you’re sleeping, I’m awake” (Kun nukut, minä valvon) explores the darkness and temporary insanity of sleepless nights.

The documentary is the winner of the 2019 Finnish Shortdox competition and Nordic Shortdox competition. The piece won the jury as well as the audience award.

Nordic Shortdox is an annual competition in which the winners of Shortdox competitions in the different Nordic countries compete against each other in producing the best, short radio documentary. In 2019, the Faroe Islands, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark participated.

Suvi Tuuli Kataja is a Finnish director. She is working with new and experimental audio storytelling.