A dynamic sonic portrait of the 2001 crisis in Argentina. The sound artist Joaquín Cófreces explores how a society becomes an accomplice to its own misfortune.
Produced by Joaquín Cófreces for FM La Tribu (2005)

Using material recorded in 2001, while Cófreces was working at an alternative radio station in Buenos Aires, intercut with fragments of songs, political speeches and the voices of comedians.

First broadcast on FM La Tribu in 2005, ‘Robbery’ won the second prize in the feature category at the Bienal de Radio Mexico in 2006 as well as the EBU’s Ake Blomstrom award.

Joaquín Cófreces is a sound artist and feature maker from Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. His work has received prizes at the Phonurgia Nova, the International Radio Festival in Iran and the Premio Radio Sin Limites.

You can read an interview with Joaquín Cófreces on the blog EarRelevant.