The Pep Talk
The former Danish professional football player, Bo Henriksen, gives his team a testosterone-heavy pre-match speech
Produced by Ole Fugl Hørkilde and Kim G. Hansen for Radio24syv (14th September 2013)

An excerpt from the radio documentary “Nyd det for satan!” (Enjoy, Goddamn!). A portrait of the former Danish professional football player, Bo Henriksen, who is now the manager of a lower division club.

Bo’s pep talk has been heard over 60000 times on YouTube and parts of it are now shouted out by the club’s fans during a match.

Ole Fugl Hørkilde has produced work for DR and Radio24syv. He is the founder of RadioØen (Radio Island) – a network for independent radio producers. He produces radio reportage and live radio together with disabled radio producers at Radio Glad and was a co-founder of Københavns Radiobiograf (Copenhagen Radio Cinema). Once a month since May 2013 they have been curating listening events in cinemas to full houses. Besides radio he has created audio walks and designed sound for theatre and visual artists.