What They Don’t Tell You
How (not) to build a home away from home...
By Martina Castro, for the Museum of Migration in Montevideo (2015)

Sometimes immigrants want to stay super connected to their home countries because they feel that connection slipping away. And well, they can go overboard. At least, that’s what Eduardo Bolioli noticed.

This story was produced by Martina Castro as part of an audio documentary series she made with her class at the University of Montevideo for her 2015 Fulbright grant. The series, called ‘Los Retornados’, features first-person stories from Uruguayans who had left their country to seek better opportunities and who ended up returning – many as part of a wave of reverse migration triggered by the worldwide financial crisis in 2009. The series was also turned into an audio exhibit at the Museum of Migration in Montevideo, Uruguay where it is currently being integrated into the museum’s permanent collection.

Martina Castro is the founder and CEO of Adonde Media, a globally-minded podcast production company based in Brooklyn, New York.

Over the past fifteen years, Martina has produced and edited award-winning audio content in both the U.S. and Latin America. She has worked at NPR, KALW-FM in San Francisco, CA, and NPR’s Radio Ambulante, a Spanish-language narrative journalism podcast she co-founded in 2011. She is a frequent speaker and workshop leader on the art of narrative radio storytelling. Martina launched Adonde Media in 2017 and has worked with clients such as TED, Duolingo, NPR, and Vice News to create podcasts that aim to bring new audiences to the medium.