Words from Inside (St Maur Prison)
An exploration of listening and liberty.
By René Farabet for France Culture (1992)

A feature which weaves together audio compositions created by inmates  serving long-term sentences interwoven with their reflections on sound and listening.

Winner of the Prix Futura in 1993.

René Farabet (1934 – 2017) was one of the key figures in the Atelier de Creation Radiophonique at France Culture from its creation in 1969 until 2000. A master of the creative audio feature, his work was profoundly influential on radio-makers around the world.

The interviews in this program were recorded in the ‘Studio of Time’ at St Maur prison. 

The Studio of Time was created in 1991 by the composer Nicolas Frize and his associates (Les Musiques de la Boulangère). Composed of twelve digitising studios, two radio and music studios and two workshops, this is a space where art and culture join forces to offer high-level training programs in sound skills and a profession to fifteen long term detainees. The Studio of Time continues to exist, functioning as a service of public utility in collaboration with institutions such as the National Sound Archive, the National Archives, various museums and other bodies.