An interview with a writer called Writer veers into dangerous territory.
Produced by Katharina Smets for VPRO (20th February 2015)

An interview which balances delicately between danger, flirtation and discomfort… Belgian audio artist Katharina Smets presents a poetic encounter with a writer called ‘Writer’.

This was the third part of a series called ‘Detroit Detour’, produced in collaboration with the musician Inne Eysermans for VPRO in the Netherlands. The series was made possible by the support of the Dutch Cultural Media Fund.

Katharina Smets is an audio artist and independent radio producer for the national radio in Belgium and the Netherlands. With a background in philology, philosophy and theatre, she learned how to make radio thanks to a small anarchistic free radio in her hometown near Brussels. Later she had the chance to learn about radio in London and in the US. History and art are important guidelines when building a story, but the heart of every piece for her is the clumsy, awkward, hesitating human voice.

Katharina teaches radio documentary at the Royal Conservatoire in Antwerp and coaches news reporters at the national broadcaster in Belgium. She is the proud curator of In The Dark‘s Belgian branch.