From the Mouths of Babes and Drunkards
A documentary-fairytale set at Christmas.
Produced by Kristin Heien for NRK P2 Radio Documentary (20th December 2015)

From the mouths of babes and drunkards, you will learn the truth… One day before Christmas, 10 year old Aurora gets into conversation with Oddbjørn, a former actor who now spends his time drinking on the street. They talk about life, death and sweethearts as he prepares to read the Christmas gospel in church.

From the Mouths of Babes and Drunkards was nominated for the Prix Europa in 2016. It was produced by Kristin Heien, with technical direction from Merete Antonsen and coaching from Berit Hedemann.

Kristin Heien lives in Bergen, Norway. She is a director and scriptwriter at Pandora Film and a former journalist at NRK, the Norwegian Broadcast Company. Educated in film and TV production with a Bachelor of the Arts from the University of Bergen. As an independent, she has produced several documentaries for the NRK.