Relationships Series: Hijab Feature
Two Egyptian women reflect on their personal relationship with the hijab.
By Nadeen Shaker for Ehky Ya Masr (2017)

Executive producer: Kim Fox

English translation and editing: Nadeen Shaker and Nour Ibrahim

The Ehky Ya Masr (Tell Your Story Egypt) Podcast launched in 2017 as a platform to tell narrative non-fiction audio stories about life in Egypt. The podcast has been recognized with three awards from the Broadcast Education Association (BEA) for several of its audio features.

Nadeen Shaker is an associate editor at the Cairo Review of Global Affairs and a freelance multimedia producer. Her work has appeared in Vice News, Quartz, Muftah, Salon, Bedford and Bowery, The Middle East Report, The Postcolonialist, The BRICS Post, AlterNet, WNYU, PRI’s America Abroad Media, CNN and Ahram Online, among others. She was awarded the David Teeuwen Student Journalism Award from the Online News Association for a VR interactive website called New York Values. She holds an MA from New York University and a BA from The American University in Cairo.