A phone call from a priest led Bengt Bok to the story of Jeanette E – a story which took place 40 years ago, in a small apartment on the outskirts of the city. In this still, frank and disturbing documentary Jeanette unveils the monstrousness behind the facade of our institutions and within the heart of her family.

NB. This documentary contains descriptions of sexual abuse.

Bengt Bok is an award-winning radio journalist, documentary filmmaker and professor at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. You can read an extract from Bok’s meditation on the interview process ‘Encounter with the Other’ here.

This documentary was made for P1 Dockumentär on Sveriges Radio.

Translation by Sara Olsson.


My Share of the Sky

My Share of the Sky artfully captures the disorientation of seeking refuge in a new country. Working on her first radio documentary – journalist Sheida Jahanbin recorded her own experiences, coached by Rikke Houd who also edited and structured the story with Jahanbin. Together they offer an inventive audio language which cracks and fragments – English, Persian and Norwegian jaggedly interrupt each other, artfully dizzying the listener, embodying the feeling of being lost in translations.

The documentary placed third at the Prix Europa in 2011.

My Share of the Sky was produced by Sheida Jahanbin and Rikke Houd for NRK with support from

Editing and sound: Rikke Houd. Mix and final Editing: Erki Halvorsen. NRK consultant: Kjetil Saugestad. Norwegian voice: Annette Hobson. Translation: Eric Scobie.

As part of our ongoing collaboration with RadioDoc Review, we’re featuring an essay by the feature-maker Alan Hall about My Share of the Sky.

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