The Brown Parcel

Cesilie’s family have wrapped their secrets in a brown parcel. Her father gave her the parcel ten years ago – asking her not to open it until two years after her mother dies. Ten years later, and almost two years after her mother has passed away, Cesilie is ready to see what’s inside.

The Brown Parcel (Den Brune Pakken) was made by Kari Hesthamar. The technical direction was by Kåre Johan Lund and the coach was Berit Hedemann. It won the Prix Europa in 2004.

Kari Hesthamar began working at NRK in 1996 and in the Radio Documentary department at NRK P2 from 1999 where she produced work that won awards at the Prix Italia, Prix Europa and Prix Radio. In 2008, she released the book So Long Marianne. A love story about Marianne Ihlen’s relationship with Leonard Cohen and Axel Jensen. Since 2016 she has been employed as a project manager for podcasts in NRK.

Sausage Roll

A fleeting scene from a remote village in Polesia, south east Belarus. After lunch and liquor on the Saturday before Orthodox Easter at babka Maria’s house. No meat is allowed on the table. The only one exempt from this rule is Maria’s ginger cat…

Recorded as part of a documentary on the Belarusian photographer Siarhiej Leskiec, whilst he was capturing material for his project ‘Whisper’  in which he tries to capture the lives of the last whisperers – women who believe they are healing illnesses with incantations.

Inga Janiulytė is a journalist for Lithuanian National Radio.