Can He Have a Dog?

Recorded in the pre-internet dating days, Lotta Erikson searches for a partner through telephone contact agencies.

Lotta Erikson has been a freelance for the Swedish radio (SR) and Swedish national television (SVT) in various forms since 1992, making around 15 radio documentaries and several TV-documentaries. Her productions have been presented at festivals and have won awards. In recent years she has written scripts for both feature films and TV-series, including the TV series The Hunt for a Killer, for SVT-drama with director Mikael Marcimain. Lotta Erikson has also made several sound art installations, written stage plays, radio dramas and a book about the human voice “The Alphabet of the Voice”.

Translation by Klara Erikson

Man: A Dog’s Best Friend

According to numerous statistics, Czechs are a nation of dog-lovers. On average, there is a dog in every second household in the Czech Republic, resulting in the most hounds per capita in all of Europe.

In Eva’s house there’s Tonča. Tonča is Eva’s French Bulldog who lives with her and her husband in Prague’s Vinohrady district. She wants to sleep with them in their bedroom so badly that she stakes her claim by barking at their bedroom door and leaving little puddles of protest. Eva’s husband, however, is strongly against it. What do you when you have a dog at home with separation anxiety?

‘Man: A Dog’s Best Friend’ was a runner up for Best Documentary at the Prix Bohemia (2019)

Editor: Brit Jensen

Sound: Jiří Slavičínský

Director, screenwriter, and producer Eva Lammelová (1986) studied sociology and andragogy at Palacký University in Olomouc, as well as film and theater science. She filmed an episode of the series Nedej se! for Czech Television entitled Free Food For All (Ji.hlava IDFF 2015) and the documentary AsexuaLOVE (2018).