My Mother’s Words

‘My Mother’s Words’ (‘Les Mots de Ma Mère’) tells the everyday life of a woman who loses her words. By her side, her three children, each in their own way, watch over her, set the tempo and organise her daily life. To move her out of the house she has lived in for 40 years would break her down. She carries inside her layers of a story, of a territory. Her house, the barn, the little river, the trees are the last landmarks of a space which shrinks a little more everyday.

This feature won the 2016 ‘Archives de la parole’ Phonurgia Nova prize and received a Special Commendation at the Prix Europa in 2015.

Aurélia Balboni is an author, editor and producer of radio documentaries and fictions. She also teaches radio documentary in Belgium (IAD – Institut des Arts de Diffusion). She founded Cineke in 2014 to conduct workshops and produce films and radios with a group of independent authors – Sonia Ringoot, Nicolas François, Pascale Brischoux, Celia Dessardo. Her latest documentary “Brothers”, was co-directed with Nicolas François.

‘My Mother’s Words’ features the voices of Françoise Gibert, Florence and Raphaël Balboni, Ismaël Gomih and Laurence Courtois.

Editing: Mathieu Haessler, Christophe Rault, Aurélia Balboni.
Sound editing: Philippe Charbonnel
With the support of the radio creation support fund of the Wallonia-Brussels federation and the « Du côté des ondes » programme fund of the RTBF.
In co-production and with the help of the creative radio workshop and Cinétroupe asbl