Stew with Za’atar

‘Stew with Za’atar’ talks about coping with post-traumatic stress through Elena Dikomitis’ personal recount of the devastating August 2020 explosion in Beirut, Lebanon. In conversation with a psychologist, Dikomitis engages with her own memories to eventually take control over them.

Elena Dikomitis won the 2021 Korte Golf Competition with her Dutch spoken podcast ‘Stoofpot met Za’atar’ (‘Stew with Za’atar’). Korte Golf is organized by Oorzaken, a Dutch organization for storytelling in audio.

Elena Dikomitis is a Belgian-Cypriot humanitarian aid worker specialised in communication, policy and advocacy work in the Middle-East. Both in her professional and personal life, she documents the needs and stories of people in conflict situations, in particular refugees. Dikomitis has Master’s degrees in Journalism, International Relations & Diplomacy and African Languages & Cultures.