Everyday Something Disappears

Resounding with music, humour and humanity this feature blends the story of a pianist documenting his own decline and the residents of a care home near the Dutch border of Essen. Musically interweaving reality and fiction we dive into the internal world of people who feel that they are beginning to lose themselves.

This feature won the Prix Italia, Premios Ondas and a Special Commendation at the Prix Futura in 1993.

The pianist’s diary extracts are taken from the novel ‘Out of Mind’ by J. Bernlef.

On Top

A personal look at the strange crossover between Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard and parachuting.

Winner of the 2017 HearSay Festival ‘Create’ GanBéarla Award and Best Radio / Sound Art Award.

Narration, field recordings, sound design and mix by Maria Dønvang. Male voice – Peter Dønvang.

Maria Dønvang is a Danish radio producer searching for new connections and hidden poetry in ordinary life.

Stairway to Heaven, In Boxer Shorts

The sound of a night in bed with a couple doomed to say goodbye.

Winner of the 2017 HearSay Festival ‘Celebrate’ GanBéarla Award and the 2016 Korte Golf Radio Prize.

In remembrance of Bernard De Rycke, with special thanks to Bernard and his wife Machteld Van Vlaenderen.

Eva Moeraert worked for 11 years for the public broadcast company (VRT) in Belgium. Now she’s an independent producer and radio-teacher. Eva won the Korte Golf radio competition for short docs in Belgium and the Netherlands in 2015 and 2016 and The Hearsay Audio Prize in 2017.

Blindfold Yourself

What can happen if two complete strangers meet for the first time, in complete darkness? Having to form their first impression not through their sight, but through sound and touch?

Blindfold Yourself was shortlisted for the 2017 HearSay Festival ‘Celebrate’ GanBéarla Award.

It was recorded in November 2016, at the Hug workshop/performance, organized by British composer Verity Standen and the Prague association Voicescope.

Jiří Slavičínský is a radio documentary-maker based in Prague, working for Czech Radio. Besides the Czech Republic, his documentaries have been broadcast in Canada, Ireland, Slovakia and the US. He is currently editing field recordings from Mongolian steppe for his next feature.

The Creator of Fear

On the threshold of sleep a recurring nightmare is revisited.

The Creator of Fear was shortlisted for the 2017 HearSay Festival ‘Celebrate’ GanBéarla Award.

Interview, recording, sound design and mix by Ole Fugl Hørkilde. Featuring the voice of Ida Baden.

Ole Fugl Hørkilde is an independent audio documentary maker, teacher and curator. He is the co-founder of Københavns Radiobiograf (Copenhagen Radio Cinema) and the creative director of MIRP 2017 in Denmark.

Cassettes from Exile

For much of Dennis Maxwell’s childhood, his father was living in exile, communicating with the family via cassette tapes. A few years ago Dennis went to Chile and helped his brother move. Among moving boxes they found around 20 cassettes. So Dennis listened to them again, and discovered that the story of his father and the impact of exile was even more complicated and fraught than he’d remembered.

Los Cassettes del Exilio is among the winners of the 2017 Third Coast / Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition. You can hear all of the winners here .

The editors were Camila Segura, Silvia Viñas and Daniel Alarcón; sound design by Désirée Bayonet; music composed by Ramtin Arablouei and the English translation was made by Patrick Moseley.

Dennis Maxwell was born in Santiago, Chile, and ‘grew up dreaming about persecutions and sounds of shrapnel’. When he was a boy he was given a camera, and at that moment began to dedicate himself to capturing images. He travelled to California, studied film and later stumbled upon radio. His work has been featured in outlets such as the New York Times Op-Docs, the KQED ‘Spark’ series, Providencia Film Festival (Chile), Festival International Global Bogotá (Colombia), BBC Mundo, Radio Ambulante, and Public Radio International’s The World.

Radio Ambulante is a Spanish-language podcast, distributed by NPR, that tells Latin American stories from anywhere Spanish is spoken, including the United States. They seek to bring the aesthetic of high-quality longform journalism to radio. They work with a talented community of storytellers and radio producers from different corners of the continent, while taking advantage of technology to produce, distribute and exchange stories. In 2014, Radio Ambulante was awarded the Gabriel García Márquez Prize for Innovation in Journalism, the most prestigious journalism honor in Latin America.

Junkies in the Country

The feature-maker Mehdi Ahoudig plunges the listener into the lives of drug addicts in the French countryside. Moving between young women struggling to loosen the grip of heroin on their lives and the people employed to help treat them, arrest them and monitor them.

Winner of the Prix Europa for Best Radio Documentary in 2015.

Mehdi Ahoudig is an author, sound director and filmmaker. He creates soundtracks for theatre and dance companies and teaches radio documentary. A regular contributor to ARTE Radio, he has won the Prix Europa three times.

English translation by Simon John.