At the Foot of the Bed

Max-Lena Vanden Eynde’s grandfather grew up in a family of fifteen children. In 1940, the two eldest sons – Pol and Louis – were called up as reserve recruits. Only one of the two brothers returned home after the war. Any clue to Louis is lost. Together with the third son – her grandfather – Max-Lena goes looking for him. Since his disappearance, the family has been silent. His name is not spoken, nor the grief surrounding it.

Featured at IFC AudioDocs 2022

Max-Lena Vanden Eynde: researcher, interviewer, editor
Brecht Mertens: music composer
Wederik De Backer: editor-in-chief
Simon Kremar: mixer
Pieter Serrien and Geert Lecompte: historical researchers

Max-Lena Vanden Eynde is a radio documentary maker. She works as a maker and editor-in-chief for the production house The Podcast Planet. You can follow her work on her personal Instagram as well as The Podcast Planet.

The True Crime of Your Frozen Death

Story by Ross Sutherland

Translated by Cristina Marras

Performed by Cristina Marras and Ross Sutherland

Additional voice acting by Andrea de’Cesco, Gianfranco Bitti, Fausta Laddomada

Original music by Jeremy Warmsley

Produced by Ross Sutherland

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The Voice of Jackal

Plunge into the sonic landscape of the jackal, as they stalk around a human settlement. Listen as voices from the Anthropocene emerge from busted radios, talking into the night.

Directed by Saška Rakef

Script by Saška Rakef and Tina Kozin

Music by Bojana Šaljić Podešva

Sound Design by Matjaž Miklič

Dramaturgy by Pia Brezavšček

Field recording, ambience and effects by Matjaž Miklič and Martin Florjančič

Expert collaborator: Petra Veber

Thanks to Sebastijan Lamut, MSc; Miha Krofl, ScD and Tomaž Grušovnik, PhD

Produced by RTV Slovenia, Radio Slovenia, Program Ars and Društvo Za Umetnost Avgus, Ljubljana