A Salad Spinner’s Song

‘A Salad Spinner’s Song’ won the ‘Create’ and ‘Create GanBéarla’ awards at the 2019 HearSay International Audio Arts Festival.

Beginning the project in 2016, this is the first chapter of an ‘audio-album’ for Frederik capturing sonic pictures from his childhood.

Johanna Fricke is an audio documentary maker, oral historian and social-anthropologist. Based in Leipzig, she works for the German public radio as a freelance author/producer.

The Box

The Box (A Caixa) was shortlisted for both the ‘Create’ and ‘Create GanBéarla’ awards at the 2019 HearSay International Audio Arts Festival.

Sofia Saldanha is an award winning audio producer. She started her radio adventure in Portugal at Rádio Universitária do Minho, has a masters degree in Radio and is a graduate of the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies. Sofia is part of In The Dark, a non-profit organization based in London, that presents audio documentaries from around the world to live audiences. In 2018 she started In The Dark Lisboa. Sofia is the author of a documentary series that tells the story of the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa.

Time to Talk

A tragic accident tears a mother and wife from her family. Twenty years later, two sisters speak for the first time about the loss of their mother.

Time to Talk was shortlisted for the HearSay International Audio Arts Festival ‘Create’ and ‘GanBéarla’ awards in 2019.

Music: ‘Rosenkind’ by Favne

Miriam Arndts is a German-Danish journalist. She lives in Copenhagen where she writes and produces reports, in-depth background stories, radio documentaries and features. She loves to meet quirky people and tell intimate stories.


Aaji (Grandma) is in her 90s, proficient in English but more comfortable in Marathi, and hard-of-hearing. Mithu is in her 30s, okay at Marathi (but speaks in a stilted, error-filled, and somewhat childlike way common to many second-generation immigrants), and heartbroken. The piece explores how bearing witness to each other in a family context can be hard and fraught, even when it might be worth it.

ROW-cub won the Fiction Award at the 2019 HearSay International Audio Arts Festival.

Neena Pathak is an audio producer based in NYC. She currently produces the Still Processing podcast at The New York Times.